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Alas, it ended, and we said our goodbyes to Oliver and Candela. "for a week," she'd warned me, "I'll be your new best friend. Who else are you going to talk to?"

Andra and I weren't cynical but must have known this, which made our parting pleasant and easier. More touching was Steve's separation from Oliver, for the two had shared some happy and private moments fishing. (Steve had, Oliver whispered, even shared the name of his "girlfriend," intelligence to which not even his parents were yet privy.)

We spent one pleasant night ashore in Charlotte Amalie, at a hotel in Frenchtown, if for no other reason than to begin recompressing. But the effects of cruising aboard La Creole lingered, and in some subtle ways, we're changed.

Back at Logan airport, back in black and white, Steve collected our many bags off the conveyor belt, heavy with gear. Outside, among the turning wheels and grinding gears, I could see the Morlocks. They were waiting for us, the Eloi, and we had no choice but to go out and accept our fate.

Steve and I started to throw the bags up on our shoulders like the Sherpa Spurrs of old. Then I stopped, felt in my pocket, and produced six quarters. "Steve, " I said. "Get us one of those Smarte Cartes, will ya?" [Back to home page..]

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